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My Hot Yoga Health and Lifestyle

My Yoga
Yoga Lifestyle

I have been practicing Bikram Yoga since 2004. When I started I
went once a week. Then it was twice then three times and now I
practice hot yoga every day.

I can honestly say that I live the ‘Hot Yoga Lifestyle,’ but let’s stop
for a moment and think about it. Let’s forget about the different
yoga styles and concentrate on ‘yoga’ as a discipline.

A yoga lifestyle is ‘living’ yoga, is practicing yoga everyday, whether
it’s through sitting meditation or physical meditation.

A yoga lifestyle is applying the wisdom of yoga in my everyday
activities. Living with awareness.

Now back to my hot yoga practice. I started because a friend invited
me. Not a good reason to start a life changing event, but through
constant practices, hot yoga slowly became my lifestyle.

I can say that I incorporate the yoga lifestyle the easy way. Bit by bit,
yoga became my daily companion. No harsh ‘must do’ this. No lofty
health reasons. I knew that it was good for me and that was that. Before
I knew it, I was ‘hooked’ on the doing. The hot yoga health benefits was
a bonus.

These days, as a hot yoga practitioner, I sweat tons during yoga, so hydration
is part of my daily routine. A huge hot yoga health benefit! Toxins out!

Over the years of practicing hot yoga, I have grown to respect my body.
It houses everything that I think of as my ‘self.’

Through my yoga practice, I am keenly aware of my intimate responsibilities
towards myself and others.

As they repeatedly say in yoga, ‘take care of yourself, then you can take care
of others.’ I had always thought that taking care of others was more important.
But when I think about it, if I can’t take care of yourself, then it would
be arrogant to think that I can take care of anybody else!

I thank my lucky star for leading me to yoga.
Hot yoga health benefits is truly a life saver!

I wish you well!
taueva faotusia

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One thought on “My Hot Yoga Health and Lifestyle”

  1. Minds you, hot yoga is not for everyone. Check it out and see if it something that you would like to continue doing. Practicing yoga is a way of life :-))

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