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5 Things You Should Know About Yoga

Yoga Posture

1 Yoga may be beneficial for people with chronic low-back pain, help relieve anxiety and depression and may help reduce heart rate and blood pressure. 2 Certain other health conditions may not benefit from yoga, such as asthma. 3 Normally, yoga is considered safe to practice; however, people with sciatica, glaucoma, high blood pressure or […]

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Yoga Silence: The Journey Continues

Yoga purple

Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Two weeks ago, when I tried silent yoga for the first time, I couldn’t think of enough words to sing its many praises. And then on my second try, two days ago, I was a bit disenchanted. A normal human experience; one day we love and […]

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Silence In Yoga

Shades of Purple

From the very beginning, I associated yoga and meditation. However, trying to reconcile the movements in a Bikram yoga practice and meditation was tough. First off, the poses were quite challenging, then there was the heat to deal with; In the end, I was just grateful that I came out at the end of each […]

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Hot Yoga Solstice Party

Two happy yogini flowers...

Our Bikram Yoga Honolulu ‘ohana (= family in Hawaiian) recently celebrated summer solstice with an appropriate breaking bread party. Gorgeous food, delicious ambiance, awesome yogi and yoginis and beautiful music. Perfect ingredients to renew and start a new cycle. The ever lasting cycle of life. Never stale. Always fresh. The following pictures were taken at the […]

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Living Yoga

Hands To Feet Pose

It’s been a while since I stopped by. Makes me a little sad. I kept saying that I’ll update my yoga blog and before you know it, days turns into weeks, then more weeks whooshes by and it’s been seven months and counting. No matter. Life goes on. I know that I need help. I’m […]

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Will Yoga Give You A Great Body?

Touchy Lately?

What a wonderful title! Kara-Leah Grant‘s well-written and sentient article is a joy to read. To immediately write ‘Yes,’ after the title was a surprise. A daring statement indeed. For the reader, it’s either accept it or please leave. A brave announcement. I was hooked. Who wouldn’t? After the initial bold statement, she shares an […]

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Yoga Website That Inspires!

Shadow Play

These days, we go online to shop, read, share and more. Some spend hours on social media sites. I have to discipline myself in that area. It’s so easy to get hooked on endless chatter. However, there are just as many websites that are both socially engaging and thought-provoking. A win win situation. Introducing Manduka! […]

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Fear of Pain and Hot Yoga

Yoga Flow

It’s a rarity indeed for anyone to go through life without ever experiencing a few aches and pain along the way. Pain, whether physical or cerebral, is part and parcel of living life! But what’s with acute pain while practicing hot yoga? If you’ve been practicing Bikram hot yoga for some time, you probably listen […]

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To Yoga Or Not To Yoga

Pentagon Memorial

It’s been awhile since I last visited. I’ve been on the road. First to Tonga to see my ailing mother, then on to see other family members on the other side of the globe. During all this travel I did not practice yoga. Did it make any difference? Yes! On my first class back, I […]

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Yoga Lifestyle In Practice

Medium #1

Living yoga every moment, every day is living the yoga lifestyle. And yet, when I needed it most, when I should practice my yoga lifestyle, I forgot everything. Instead, a numbness took over. Let me explain. I had a family crisis. A life was at risk, and she was far away. After the initial shock, […]

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Hot Yoga Vienna Style

Finding a hot yoga studio to practice while traveling is always an issue. I could just do it in my hotel room but everyone who practices hot yoga will know it will not feel the same. For this trip, I didn’t pack any yoga clothes. Because I had to take heavy warm clothing, I just […]

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Is It Prana Or Just Hot Air?


Short of being redundant, we need air! But there is more than the oxygen in the air. The following exerpts were taken from ‘The Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath by Yogi Ramacharaka. I practice Bikram hot yoga and in that heated room, we listen to the teacher talk about prana…it’s something in the air. It is […]

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Hot Yoga Fad?

Is hot yoga just another fad? If you have been following my blog, you know that I love hot yoga. I also read a lot about the practice and what other yoga practitioners share about their hot yoga experiences. Recently, I landed on a forum where contributors vent their disenchantment with hot yoga; specifically Bikram […]

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My Hot Yoga Health and Lifestyle

My Yoga

I have been practicing Bikram Yoga since 2004. When I started I went once a week. Then it was twice then three times and now I practice hot yoga every day. I can honestly say that I live the ‘Hot Yoga Lifestyle,’ but let’s stop for a moment and think about it. Let’s forget about […]

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Hot Yoga Health: Weight Loss and Health Benefits


Hot yoga has been proven to improve health in so many ways, including body image, decrease in depression, and weight loss. It’s becoming increasingly popular among the yoga community. Founder of hot yoga, Bikram Choudhury, believes that by practicing yoga in a heated room it will help to ease muscles and prevent injury when stretching. […]

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Yoga Business Yoga Love

Taueva Yoga Posture

I do not know how many yoga studios we have around the Honolulu area, but I can tell you that yoga is very popular here. It is a fast and furious growing business. I love yoga! Apart from some holiday closures, our Kaimuki Bikram Yoga Studio offers 49 classes every week. Eight classes Monday to […]

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Hot Yoga World

Ever think about what it was like in the womb? Floating in a water world? Well, if we stop for a moment and compare our present situation to that water world, there are many similarities. The problem is our lack of perception. So we try to connect the dots. In yoga, we focus, strengthen, align […]

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Yoga Breath: Your Way To Relax & Energize

Dancing Cacti

In today’s rush to be somewhere other than accepting the present moment, it is vital that we utilize everything that we know of to be able to keep up while maintaining our sanity. One way is to use our breath. Whenever you find yourself tittering on the edge, be it an oncoming road rage attack, […]

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On Being Human and Yoga

In The Green

Granted I believe that my yoga practice is a rock in my quest to maintain good health; however, I do get the occasional bug and it is usually a quick process. But not this last time. For whatever reason, it (the bug) decided to be my faithful companion for two weeks. That is a record! […]

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Why I Practice Yoga

Yoga Postures with Jeremy Fairley

I can list the most obvious reasons…relaxation, stress release, detoxify, weight loss and more, but when I seriously think about yoga, there is one reason that stands out above all else. But before I jump to the end, I want to share with you some surprises along the yoga way. I never really thought about […]

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Yoga – Unity and Release

Imagine Yoga

A few years ago, if someone mentioned yoga, most of us probably thought meditation and relaxation. Nowadays, there are yoga studios in practically all major and small towns across the United States of America. Yoga for the masses has arrived! But what is this yoga phenomena all about? A brief background… Yoga has been practiced […]

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Sweating Hot Yoga

Beach Yoga

For a newbie trying to wade through all the information about yoga, it can become a formidable task indeed. So how does one decides which yoga to pursue? I started because a friend recommended it. It was not just any yoga; it was Bikram Hot Yoga! I think referrals from friends and trustworthy sources is […]

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Musings in Yoga

Texture - Copper

Hold it! One more sip of air breathe slowly gracefully Sweat dripping into my eyes looking at the mirror How can I breathe with poise when my lungs are dying dying to take in more and more air? I mustn’t think of anything I must pretend that I am doing nothing nothing just looking at […]

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Yoga Benefits

Yoga Posture Abstract

I have been practicing Bikram yoga since 2004. But what exactly is yoga and what are its benefits? According to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoga), Yoga (Sanskrit, Pāli: योग yóga) is a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline, originating in ancient India, whose goal is the attainment of a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility. The word is […]

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Yoga Mindfulness

Hot yoga images

Yoga mindfulness is an excellent opportunity to practice awareness of the moment, just as it is, no expectation and without judgment. Why, you may ask, do I bother with mindfulness anything? Because practicing mindfulness has been scientifically proven to help alleviate a host of both physical and mental conditions¹. And in yoga, being mindful focuses […]

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Yoga Happy

Yoga Practitioners

While working on some of the photographs of our Kaimuki yoga practitioners (Pamela Suga compliments) I was simultaneously thinking of a title for my the blog. I had used the Kaimuki Yoga Practitioners title before. With blogs, title is a vital element. It should grip the reader’s interest right away. Failing to do that, my […]

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Yoga Breath and Yoga Postures

Hot yoga posture and breath

Breath is life and the yoga breath is the foundation of all yoga processes. So, if breath is life itself, how often do we stop and think about the condition of our breath? The sad truth is that most people go through life without giving one iota of time to think about it. And it […]

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Why Practice Yoga?

We live in a ‘busy’ world. Most would agree that there is just too much to do and not enough hours in the day to get things done. And where does all this leads to? Ill health caused by stress. Stress causing ill health. A vicious circle. But with a little yoga, a lot of […]

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Yoga Asana Spectators and more…

Yoga Asana: Jeremy Fairley

The spectators are just as important as the competitors. And in our last Hawaii Yoga Poses Competition, The Spectators were there in full force giving their support and cheering the competitors on. So what is all the fuss about yoga postures? We could cover a whole book on the topic. For this short blog, I […]

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Hot Yoga Slideshows


March 13th 2011 Finally finished with ‘The Spectators’ at the Hawaii Yoga Competition (5th Feb. 2011) Yoga Asana Spectators and more… March 9th 2011 Audrey Fairley teaching the Bikram yoga class at the Bikram Yoga Honolulu Studio, Kaimuki, Hawaii. Yoga Class with Audrey! March 8th 2011 Alexis Inso (Bikram Yoga Honolulu studio owner) and her […]

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Hot Yoga Facts, Opinions and Practitioners


Bikram yoga, often referred to as hot yoga, is named after the founder, Bikram Choudhury. It is a Hatha Yoga Practice that works all systems of the body. Includes… 26 poses Two sets of each pose 90-minute class and practiced in a heated room (temperature can reach up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit). Hot yoga is […]

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